Woldemort's Revenge & The Balor

After The Fall of Shen Shu, Woldemort made his way back to Namesh with Ragnar and Sergei. When they arrived in Namesh they made their way to the local tavern and who should they run into other than the one person he had been searching for, Thorgood. At the site of his wife’s murderer Woldemort went into a violent rage. The tavern was filled with flames, the Black Swords arrows flew at Woldemort. Luckily his companions were there to help after a quick healing they took the battle outside the tavern. Finally with one of Woldemort’s deadly fireballs Thorgood was slain. However the ring that had once rested on Lisylka‘s finger was not on him. After this Woldemort and his companions went to the trap door that led to the Black Swords’ hideout. Here Woldemort sent fireballs down to destroy the hideout. After this Woldemort, Ragnar and Sergai left to continue their quest for Master Retho.

While journeying to and from Fridsala to share knowledge with the Speaker , Nimal encounters a recently burgled Smenk. He soon learns the whole story of the gnoll tribe which stole Smenk’s caravans, and immediately journeys south upon his phantom steed to find the gnolls responsible.
He arrives to find the gnolls deep in the desert, nearing the end of a ritual praising Yegath. As he attempts to stop the ritual, the gnolls begin to fling themselves into the flames in order to summon a powerful balor.
Nimal is forced into a sudden battle for his life. He manages to cloud the mind of the balor, transforming it from a killing machine into a mindless killing machine. He barely manages to keep all of his body parts as the balor heedlessly swings it’s magical blade. His careful use of cages of force and continued study of the spell of disintegration allow him to quickly return to Fridsala to warn the Speaker before returning to dispatch the dangerous demon. He rests momentarily, and teleports high above the demon to deliver the final blow, barely avoiding the explosive blast released by the creature’s death.



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