The Party Splits

Upon reaching Jimasi the party spit ways to accomplish individual goals.

Ragnar sought to increase his proficiency with the bow and meet the great war legend General Triton joined the Virona army and headed East to fight Tambit on the front lines in the Fourth Dragon War.

Woldemort traveled north with Smenk to the town of Shu Shen. The town was soon razed to the ground by the Black Swords and Woldemort blended in and followed them south meeting Ragnar as we just ended a battle with the Dragons.

Sergei joined up with the the Church of Corillon and traveled south to Namesh with a Black Dragon egg. He was attacked and made it to Namesh where he made his way north and met up with Ragnar infiltrate the city of Shen Shu.

Nimal requested an audience with Lady Tridal and was told he had to get a meeting with General Pip first. He managed this by defeating Zorgath. He then teleported to Two Rivers to begin his search.



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