The Fall of Shen Shu

Nimal consults the Old Elf in Two Rivers about Green Earth and travels south to the Monastery of the Rock. Also seeking his way to the Monastery was the monk Mithresh. The two meet up at the Monastery and learn from the Monastic Order of the Rock. Mithresh learns climbing while Nimal observes the Green Earth Fountain. Once night falls, Nimal manages to gather and transmute some of the Green Earth from the fountain. He teleports away immediately upon being witnessed.

In the North, Ragnar and Sergei traveled with the Army of Virona on the march to Shen Shu while Woldemort and a tired newly enlisted Mithresh traveled with the Army of Tambit to protect Shen Shu. Nimal teleported in to a derelict building to fight on the side of Virona. Nimal quickly enchanted the ragged remains of the army of Shen Shu, and summoned a monstrous Fire Elemental to raze the city and harborside, leaving only the dragon Uruthnix to deal with. His thesis work on the spell Disintegrate allowed him to quickly deal mortal blows to the dragon, forcing its mysterious rider to retreat.

Woldemort and Mithresh came from the South with the Army of Tambit. Woldemort proceeded to cause mayhem by launching fireballs at both armies causing massive casualties. Here he easily defeated the General of the Tambit army as well as aiding his companions in defeating Uruthnix. Woldemort also almost killed Mithresh for a second time.

Soon the battle ensued and the party slew the great Black Dragon Uruthnix on whose back rode Tessa Kal.



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