The Prison of Tiamat

With all the essences of dragons collected the Champions of Bahamut enter the Prison of Tiamat and slay Tiamat ultimately ending the Fourth Dragon War

Woldemort's Revenge & The Balor

After The Fall of Shen Shu, Woldemort made his way back to Namesh with Ragnar and Sergei. When they arrived in Namesh they made their way to the local tavern and who should they run into other than the one person he had been searching for, Thorgood. At the site of his wife’s murderer Woldemort went into a violent rage. The tavern was filled with flames, the Black Swords arrows flew at Woldemort. Luckily his companions were there to help after a quick healing they took the battle outside the tavern. Finally with one of Woldemort’s deadly fireballs Thorgood was slain. However the ring that had once rested on Lisylka‘s finger was not on him. After this Woldemort and his companions went to the trap door that led to the Black Swords’ hideout. Here Woldemort sent fireballs down to destroy the hideout. After this Woldemort, Ragnar and Sergai left to continue their quest for Master Retho.

While journeying to and from Fridsala to share knowledge with the Speaker , Nimal encounters a recently burgled Smenk. He soon learns the whole story of the gnoll tribe which stole Smenk’s caravans, and immediately journeys south upon his phantom steed to find the gnolls responsible.
He arrives to find the gnolls deep in the desert, nearing the end of a ritual praising Yegath. As he attempts to stop the ritual, the gnolls begin to fling themselves into the flames in order to summon a powerful balor.
Nimal is forced into a sudden battle for his life. He manages to cloud the mind of the balor, transforming it from a killing machine into a mindless killing machine. He barely manages to keep all of his body parts as the balor heedlessly swings it’s magical blade. His careful use of cages of force and continued study of the spell of disintegration allow him to quickly return to Fridsala to warn the Speaker before returning to dispatch the dangerous demon. He rests momentarily, and teleports high above the demon to deliver the final blow, barely avoiding the explosive blast released by the creature’s death.

The Fall of Shen Shu

Nimal consults the Old Elf in Two Rivers about Green Earth and travels south to the Monastery of the Rock. Also seeking his way to the Monastery was the monk Mithresh. The two meet up at the Monastery and learn from the Monastic Order of the Rock. Mithresh learns climbing while Nimal observes the Green Earth Fountain. Once night falls, Nimal manages to gather and transmute some of the Green Earth from the fountain. He teleports away immediately upon being witnessed.

In the North, Ragnar and Sergei traveled with the Army of Virona on the march to Shen Shu while Woldemort and a tired newly enlisted Mithresh traveled with the Army of Tambit to protect Shen Shu. Nimal teleported in to a derelict building to fight on the side of Virona. Nimal quickly enchanted the ragged remains of the army of Shen Shu, and summoned a monstrous Fire Elemental to raze the city and harborside, leaving only the dragon Uruthnix to deal with. His thesis work on the spell Disintegrate allowed him to quickly deal mortal blows to the dragon, forcing its mysterious rider to retreat.

Woldemort and Mithresh came from the South with the Army of Tambit. Woldemort proceeded to cause mayhem by launching fireballs at both armies causing massive casualties. Here he easily defeated the General of the Tambit army as well as aiding his companions in defeating Uruthnix. Woldemort also almost killed Mithresh for a second time.

Soon the battle ensued and the party slew the great Black Dragon Uruthnix on whose back rode Tessa Kal.

Business in Shen Shu

Ragnarand Sergei infiltrated the city of Shen Shu and severely disrupted naval operations by sinking the flagship which was docked in port for repair. Ragnar later meets up with Nimal who spys on Zorgath.

Woldemort continues with the Black Swords south to Namesh and disrupted their operations and met a friend in their ranks named Slenoo. He then teleported to Tenser where he met Slenoo’s brother, Ranem and slew a Naga that ate the children of the village. He then earned the name of John the Naga Slayer. He then made his way to Two Rivers to meet up with the Army of Tambit and march on Shen Shu.

The Party Splits

Upon reaching Jimasi the party spit ways to accomplish individual goals.

Ragnar sought to increase his proficiency with the bow and meet the great war legend General Triton joined the Virona army and headed East to fight Tambit on the front lines in the Fourth Dragon War.

Woldemort traveled north with Smenk to the town of Shu Shen. The town was soon razed to the ground by the Black Swords and Woldemort blended in and followed them south meeting Ragnar as we just ended a battle with the Dragons.

Sergei joined up with the the Church of Corillon and traveled south to Namesh with a Black Dragon egg. He was attacked and made it to Namesh where he made his way north and met up with Ragnar infiltrate the city of Shen Shu.

Nimal requested an audience with Lady Tridal and was told he had to get a meeting with General Pip first. He managed this by defeating Zorgath. He then teleported to Two Rivers to begin his search.

Comming to Jamasi

The party exits the Zmos Mountains and entered the small village of Ria in the southern country of Virona. Here they take a raft with Smenk down the Udric River to the city of Jimasi.

Adventures with Smenk

The party escorts Smenk and his family through the treacherous Zmos Mountains after saving Smenk’s daughter from Achaierai. Here they enter a mountain crypt and defeat a hoard of undead and den of basilisks. Far below this crypt lies the lair of Tethamot.

Errands for Sneth

The party, now in the employ of Sneth, sought to disrupt a | gnoll ritual to give tribute to Yegath and slaughter a village of Gnolls. This angers Yegath. They later continue to the Sacred Tomb of the Paloric Knights and steal The Book of Exalted Deeds that resides there. After battling their way out they return to Sneth where a fight breaks out over payment and Sneth is slain by Nimal. Afterwards, Nimal uses his magic to shape the stone of the temple until the entire complex has become one large boulder. This immediately turns the wrath of the Demon Lord, Baphomet on the characters (particularly Nimal), who flee to the south with Smenk and his family.

The Unknown Island

The characters find themsleves washed ashore of an unknown island thick in magical properties. They are soon thrown into prison, but break out and fight/run from Inevitables. Soon they enter the undercity where they encounter Nimal who asks them to retrieve a sculpture from a neighboring house. After receiving the statue as a reward for vanquishing some basement dwellers a battle ensues with a continegent of Inevitables. After defeating several the party is wisked away by Sneth back to his temple back in Edoric.

The Beginning

The adventurer’s Sergai, Woldemort, Ragnar, and Zeir the Azer, go to Lagar and receive instructions by King Eldric to protect the Eastern Trading Company. Upon returning for further instructions they set fire to Eldric Castle and flee down a secrete passage. They then steal a ship and get sucked down into a vortex that leads to an unknown island.


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